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The Best Horror Movies to Watch

Most often you will prefer to stay up at night to watch a horror movie. To sleep, on some nights you will find yourself wanting to watch one horror movie first. You will always want to know what is happening when watching a horror movie as every scene has mystery. After watching a horror movie you mostly find yourself dreaming about the scenes you saw.

Most of the time horror movies have a way of getting to your mind and affecting your way of thinking. Horror movies will have their effect on you differently by either shocking you immediately or haunting you in the next few hours after watching. Being blown away by a horror movie is your exact aim and that is how you can enjoy the film and also show you how to make money vlogging. Good horror movies are intense and ensure the scenes capture and scare you while watching.

You will be able to find out how to make money vlogging using horror movies and the best to watch after reading this article. Watching horror movie has become fun for so many people this makes it easy on how to make money vlogging due to the long list of viewers. Below are good horror movies to watch that will leave you yearning to watch more.

Vampira is the first good horror movie you should watch. It is late night tv show that was hosted by a struggling actress, Maila Nurmi who was hired by a TV station to host the show. Modeling her onscreen persona after the evil queen from snow white and Morticia Addams, this daughter of Finnish delivered her lines with delightful campiness and unique sarcastic wit. Despite being on screen for a short time she became an inspiration to many actresses. She set a certain standard for the next hosts that came after her on the show. Then the show started with an image of the wasp-waisted Vampira walking down a dark corridor toward the viewer. The camera would zoom in her face at the end of the walk and she would scream. Since the funs of the show increased, and it became popular, the contents could easily show you how to make money vlogging.

The other best horror movie is the Sir graves ghastly, this Detroit staple is unique for several reasons. Both kids and horror fans were able to watch as the show was hosted on Saturday afternoons. The show is one of the longest shows on screen and very popular due to a large number of people watching. Despite the host passing away, he showed how to make money blogging as the shows are still available on YouTube and social media networks. The show is still widely popular and thus still makes a good revelation about how to make money vlogging.